1. Meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. Joyce Owens, President, greeted
those in attendance. The Pledge of Allegiance was said by all. Joyce
introduced the officers to the group: Joyce Owens, President; Doreen
Thornton, Vice President; David and Marisa Crawford, Co-Secretaries,
Diane Hughes, Beautification Committee; Stephen Crager, Architectural &
Covenants Committee; Dave Hughes, Roads Committee. Russ Reams for
the Welcoming Committee. Bryce Acer, Treasurer was unable to attend this
Twenty (20) people were in attendance for the meeting.

2. Minutes. Minutes from September General Session were read by Marisa
Crawford. Minutes were approved as read. They will be put on the website

3. General Meetings. Dates for the 2020 quarterly meetings are:

     Tuesday, March 10
     Tuesday, June 9
     Tuesday, Sept. 8
     Tuesday, Dec. 9

4. Beautification. Christmas Decorations are up and look AMAZING!!! Per
Diane Hughes, more wreaths are to be bought. We no longer rent a storage
unit for the annual Christmas decorations, so we budget for new greens

5. Treasurer. 2019 Treasurer’s Report was presented.

6. Roads. Dave Hughes got NCDOT to fill a pothole on Fairway Dr. and has
installed fresh flags at the US Hwy 17 entrance. He was also able to get the
stop sign and street sign replaced at Dolphin Cir. He was in contact with the
DOT in regards to the Country Club/S. Belvedere Dr. corner to discuss a
signal or blinking light to address the limited visibility at the curve. Also,
the DOT will be looking into lowering the traffic speed to 35MPH. DOT
will assess the damage to N. Soundview Dr. A DOT work order should be
generated in 6-8 weeks.

7. Block Captains. Russ Reams requested that everyone consider becoming (or
recruiting their neighbor to become) a block captain in support of the work
of the Welcoming Committee.

8. Architectural & Review Committee. Stephen Crager was able to approve
one (1) builder’s plans at 103 Hickory Circle. Any future ARC issues and/or
complaints will be talked about at March 2020 meeting but the consensus
and agreement from all those who attended is that rules have to be more
actively enforced to keep the community intact. Leo Urban (103 Fairway)
stated peer pressure can help residents follow the covenants. Kyle Fortune
(104 Dolphin Cir.) and Seth Morris (102 Dolphin Cir.) kindly volunteered to
help bush hog, remove shrubbery, or help with lawncare for common areas
if needed.

9. Welcome Committee. Metal BPOA vehicle plates will be given to new
homeowners with a welcoming letter. Donna Reams and Donna Moore (co-
chairs) will ask for a contact number and/or e-mail for each new homeowner
to help with BPOA updates. Mary Dorsey stated that front license plates do
not fit on all vehicles.

10.End of year Communication. The Board will send an end of year mailing to
the community, to include: 2019 BPOA Treasurer’s Report; Proposed 2020
Budget; 2019 Newsletter; Ballot for 2020 Officers; Invoices for 2020
Association Dues.

11. General Meeting. Next General Meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March
10, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hampstead Public Library.

12.Meeting was adjourned at 8:02 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Marisa & Dave Crawford

[Minutes approved as read 3/10/2020]