1. Welcome and Pledge
Joyce Owens welcomed the approximately 20 attendees.  The Pledge was recited.

2. Carolina Water update.  (Joyce)
The company’s application for a special use permit (SUP) was approved at the Pender County Commissioners meeting on August 18.  The vote was 4 to 1 in favor, Chester Ward voted against.  Next steps are getting the easements/ rights of way for the force main route (the pipe) that will carry the treated water from the plant to the infiltration basins to be constructed on the Sloop Point Loop site.

We’ve had a lot of rain this summer and into September.  Carolina Water resumed the trucking of treated water in early August.  We can expect it to continue as long as we have the plentiful, seemingly constant rain.

3. Results of volunteer recruiting efforts.  (Joyce)
Several owners indicated a willingness to volunteer for our offices/committees.  Many were not available for the late August meeting that was to provide a chance to meet and share ideas.  Those present did sign up, but there are always more OPPORTUNITIES. 
Joyce will be contacting those who could not be present to learn which are their areas of interest.

We are losing three key people as of the end of 2014: Jack Jones has already resigned as chairman of the Architectural Review and Covenants Committee; Mary Dorsey is resigning from the Welcome Committee Chairmanship as of December; and Tim Underwood is resigning from the Treasurer position as of the end of the year.  So, we need YOU or someone you know.

4. Treasurer’s Report (Tim)
Tim distributed the quarterly financial statement, through September 2, 2014.

5. Roads Committee Report (Jim)
A petition to DOT was circulated to get signatures in favor of reducing the speed in Belvedere to 25 mph.  DOT requires 70 % of homeowner's to agree to lower speed. We have that now but will try to get more if possible.  The question of having white lines painted came up but Jim said that DOT would not maintain them.  We could paint them ourselves.  Bob Hurry said DOT works from several budgets and the maintenance budget could be used.             

6. Beautification Committee Report (George)
Quarterly cleanup is scheduled for 10:00 Saturday September 13.    Bags and gloves will be provided.. Signs at entrance will be cleaned.
Christmas wreaths will be put up by Mary Dorsey and taken down by the Beautification Committee.

7. New Business

Flooding in Belvedere
Cookie Patruznick brought up the flooding on Pine Needle and her talk with DOT who said there has been a 25 year history of high water since the ditches  were removed.  Cookie wants the BPOA  to write a letter to owner of lot to allow ditch to be dug.  There is an empty lot where the water needs to go from Pine Needle to the intracoastal waterway. 
Others mentioned the flooding on Lakeview Drive.     
Jack Jones said the DOT has responsibility to build  a catch basin.

Jean Walsh mentioned the poor drainage on Hickory Lane.  The Carrolls on So.  Belvedere said they have the same problem.  Per Mr. Carroll, maintenance of the culverts are the state's responsibility.  They address them on a rotational basis.  Presently, all equipment is in Onslow County.  Jim Taylor offered to take on calling DOT.  Jack Jones suggested calling David Williams.

Hickory Street rentals not being maintained
Jean Walsh described 4 houses on Hickory Lane as  rentals in terrible condition: lawns and shrubbery overgrown, cars and boats stored on the properties.

Residents in rental property need to be aware of the covenants.  This caused a big discussion regarding covenants.*  Joyce asked for people to email her with addresses of homes not complying.

Bob Fisher suggested we use some of our funds to clean up the derelict properties and send the costs on to the owners.  Concerns were raised as to the way we would track such debts and payments and the legalities of placing liens on property. 

Belvedere Court
Jim Monaco described the deterioration of Belvedere Court because of builders allowing sand and water to run over the street and ruin the roadway.  He reported that the builders claim it is the responsibility of BPOA.  In fact, BPOA does not own the private roads in the community.  Maintenance of those roads falls on the residents who live on them.

Business operating in Belvedere
Several residents complained that this has been an on-going problem and want BPOA to take action.  Bob Hurry made a motion that we set aside funds to secure legal advice toward relocating the business out of our residential community.  The motion passed.

* Those interested in participating in a review of the covenants should contact Joyce.

8. A  motion was made to adjourn, was seconded, and passed.