Minutes BPOA Meeting
12 June 2012

1. Joyce Owens called the meeting to order at 7:40 p.m.  There were 22 members and 2 guests present.  We recited the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Minutes from the previous meeting are posted on the website; print copies available on request at the meeting.  Joyce announced that the BPOA Board Secretary position is now open, and a replacement is needed.  Suzanne did a great job for the members and is moving to Virginia.  We thank her and wish her and her family the best of luck.

3. Mary Dorsey reported on the success of the Belvedere Plantation yard sale.  All volunteers that helped to make signs and advertising were greatly appreciated.  We will discuss in Dec meeting and decide whether or not to do again in 2013.

4. Tim Underwood distributed the Treasurer’s Report which was reviewed and accepted.

5. Committee Reports

Beautification Committee:  George reported that volunteers would be requested to help clean up the country club road side.  Will do this on 6/23.

Welcome Committee:  Mary visited 6 families; 2 more to visit.  Captains are still needed for Long Leaf and Mallard Bay areas.

Sunshine Committee: Gerri delivered two baskets for BPOA :  to Mike Homa and to Bill Graham.

Roads:  Jim Taylor reported that the pot holes on Country Club Dr. have been reported to DOT for action.  Country Club (from Belvedere to Sloop Point Loop Rd) is scheduled for resurfacing this year; remainder, from Long Leaf to Hwy 17 to be completed next year.  A shoulder will be added.  However, no plans for a bike path were indicated.  No lane markers are possible for So. Belvedere, because it is in a subdivision:  current regulations do not permit lane markers in subdivisions.  DOT will not make the intersection of Country Club Dr. and No. and So. Belvedere  Drives a 4-way stop because road traffic has to be equal in both directions.  Speed limit will not to be lowered from 35 mph to 25mph on So. Belvedere Dr.  Missing road signs on S. Belvedere  and on Fairway Dr. are to be replaced.

6. Sewage Treatment Plant update by guests Danny Lassiter (Regional Mgr Utilities, Inc) and Martin Lashua (Regional Director, Utilities, Inc.):

See website for detailed information provided by Utilities, Inc. to include discussion of the capacities of both the sewage treatment facility, the golf course to irrigate the treated effluent, and the capacity of the drinking water systems.  The second clarifier for the treatment facility is expected to be installed by end of July.  Modifications (standby generator, larger motor/transfer pump, and added ground storage tank) to well on S Belvedere to be completed end of Aug.  Moratoriums to hooking up to either sewer or water systems are still in place pending completion of the above work.  NB:  The meeting with HOA’s is a new policy by Utilities, Inc to improve the communications and answer residents’ concerns about either sewage or water systems in their areas.

Mr. Lassiter will provide updates as the work goes forward.

7. New Business:  none.

8. Meeting was adjourned at 8:40 p.m.

Tim Underwood
BPOA Treasurer