Minutes from BPHOA meeting June 11, 2013

Meeting called to order 7:36 p.m. with 17 members in attendance.

Treasurer (T. Underwood) gave the treasurer’s report.

Beautification Committee:
George Mara cleaned up the entrance to South Belvedere Rd from Country Club.

Roads Committee:

Regarding South Belvedere Rd, according to NCDOT, painting of lines or installation of reflectors is not done in subdivisions.  Homeowners could pay for these as long as it is thru a NCDOT approved contractor.  According to a study completed by NCDOT, the number of vehicles using South Belvedere Rd does not warrant a reduction of speed, but if 70% of the residents sign a petition, the speed limit could be reduced.    After much discussion, a motion was made to proceed with a petition, it passed 14-3.  Petition volunteers made themselves known by show of hands.  There is still a great concern with the safety of the intersection of South Belvedere Rd and Country Club along with the speed of vehicles on Country Club.  Please call the State Highway Patrol or Sheriff’s office for speed enforcement.

Welcome Committee:
Mary Dorsey welcomed five families that have moved into our neighborhood.

Mary Dorsey reported the actual yard sale was a disaster this year with only seven households participating.  There was discussion regarding whether or not a yard sale would be held next year with no decision being made at this time.  The issue will be revisited in a future meeting.
Joyce Owens gave an update on Carolina Water.  Land on Sloop Point Rd has been acquired by Carolina Water, a wetlands survey is currently in progress.  That study will be submitted to the EPA and the Army Corp of Engineers for their approval.  Next  it goes to the state for approval.  It will be an undetermined length of time before BPOA members will be apprised of the route of disposal lines. 

In the meantime, the current mobile office of Carolina Water is being replaced with a more permanent one.

Joyce Owens also reported that both the nesting swans and their chicks have died.

J Jones and J Bunting will have more details regarding Oktoberfest in the next 2 weeks. 

The issue of a new Belvedere directory was raised—to move forward with or test the waters with a questionnaire to see if there is enough interest.