Board members present: Cathy Hirsch, Joyce Owens, James Taylor, Doreen Thornton

1. Welcome and Pledge of Allegiance

2. Committee Reports

Roads (James Taylor)

Welcome (Cathy Hirsch)

3. Treasurer’s Report (Joyce Owens)

Report read and members asked to look into the reason for the safe deposit box.

4. Report of lights our at US 17 and Long Leaf

Mr. & Mrs. Moore (Section II) reported these lights are out again. Suggestion for solar lights was made, but no agreement on these as a solution. Jack Jones will be contacted regarding suggestions for a person to maintain these. Also check with county/ state to determine if they might maintain these lights.

5. Report of chlorine smell in tap water (Cindy Spooner)

Ms. Spooner called Carolina Water Service/Utilities, Inc. about the noxious odor from the water coming into her home. Reason given for this was the well on R17 is down for maintenance; the South Belvedere Dr. well is serving everyone; perhaps an over-abundance of chlorine in an effort to treat a larger amount of water. It was suggested we invite the water company and State Utilities folks to talk at our next meeting. Frank Carroll supplied name of State contact: Div. of Water Resources, Bryan Leviere (910) 796-7369 . Joyce Owens had spoken with Danny Lassiter of the water company. He advised that the company had new staff being trained to support our wells; they expect the pump on Rt 17 to be out for at least 60 days.

6. More from Water company.

Per Danny Lassiter, they have been doing a lot of work on Sloop Point Road: pipes are being adjusted in preparation for NC DOT to put in a sidewalk to the elementary school.

7. Country Club Drive

A member reported that the bushes near the intersection of Country Club Dr. and So. Belvedere need cutting. DOT will be contacted

8. New Officers

Gail Schmidt volunteered to serve as BPOA Secretary.

Bob Hammond volunteered to serve as BPOA Treasurer.

9. Meeting ended at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Doreen Thornton