Board Attendees: Joyce Owens, Bob Hammond, Gail Schmidt, Frank Carroll, Diane Hughes

Welcome/New Sign-In Sheet

A new sign-in sheet was initiated to provide the Board with street addresses of those in attendance. There has previously been some confusion as to who should attend these meetings. BPOA serves Sections I and II only of Belvedere Plantation.

Financial Report

Treasurer Bob Hammond submitted a financial statement and stated that we are still collecting HOA dues. Our expenses for the quarter include the new lights, flags and landscaping at Long Leaf/Route 17. Also a down payment on a new sign at the same location.

Beautification Committee Report

Beautification Committee Chairwoman Diane Hughes reported on the completed work as mentioned above on the improvements at Long Leaf and Route 17. The new sign should be in place by mid-July. The Board thanked Diane for her continued efforts on this project.

Although the Board has had individual volunteers from Sections III and IV to help maintain the flags we feel that offer needs to be made by their association.

Adopt-a-Highway Chairman George Mara announced this Saturday’s trash pick-up along

Country Club Road. Volunteers are always needed. Please meet at the Golf Course at

10:00 AM and you will be provided with materials.

Two homeowners requested additional pet waste stations for our community. Those in attendance agreed that the stations should be purchased and installed. The Board will order the stations and additional bags. Mr. Russ Reams will install the station for Pine Needle where it intersects with Lakeview (the intersection nearest his house). Mr. Bob Hammond will install the station for Hickory Lane. Bags will be supplied as well.

Holiday Party and/or Community Yard Sale

Gail Schmidt requested interest from our community in holding a Holiday Party this year. In the past we had access to the Yacht Club. A couple of people volunteered to check into that.

There was also a question as to any desire in having a community yard sale possibly in October. If residents are interested please look for an upcoming posting on Facebook to express your thoughts.

Water Company

Carolina Water is proposing to raise rates again. They have a new website: www.Carolinawaterservicenc.com.

There will be a public hearing held by the NC Utilities Commission on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 7:00PM in Room 317, New Hanover County Courthouse, 316 Princess Street, Wilmington. It is open to the public for comment.

New Business

One resident, Mr. Van Leuven, has submitted a request to amend or alter our covenants as they relate to fences.


The meeting was adjourned.


Submitted by Gail Schmidt, Secretary, BPOA