Minutes BPOA Meeting March 12, 2013

Meeting called to order at 7:34 15 members in attendance

Pledge of allegiance

Tim Underwood presented the Treasurer’s report.  He also that of the 223 invoices sent for 2013 dues, about 145 has responded.

Bob Fischer of the Beautification committee reported that the wattage of lights at the entrance of Belvedere has been increased to 50 watts from 20 watts.  The new bulbs were made possible with the donation of a $100.00 gift card given to Jim Taylor and Dennis Coen by Carolina Water for all the inconvenience of the water trucks going by their house for over two years. 

Joyce Owens reported on behalf of Jim Taylor of the Roads Committee, that the issue of speeding in Belvedere has been brought to the attention of the Pender County Sheriff.  There is a possibility that a sheriff will be posted in the area to monitor the situation.

Mary Dorsey of the Welcome Committee reports new packages have been made for any new residents.

Joyce Owens recapped the problems of the dispersal of treated water from the Belvedere Wastewater Treatment Plant and the steps taken by Carolina Water/Utilities, Inc. to address them.  The following resolution of support was read, motion taken and passed regarding the latest efforts of Carolina Water/ Utilities, Inc.:

   “The BPOA resolves to strongly support Carolina Water in their plan to construct a facility located on or around Sloop Point Road to accept treated effluent piped from the Belvedere Wastewater Treatment Plant. This facility will eliminate the need for trucking treated water through Belvedere Plantation to Jacksonville, N.C.  To the best of our knowledge the proposed facility will meet the requirements imposed by Pender County, the N.C. Department of Water Quality, and other regulatory bodies concerned with issuing the necessary permits for this project.”

Mary Dorsey reported that BPOA yard sale is planned for April 27, 2013, with a  rain date of May 4, 2013.  The event will be advertised on Craig’s List and Wilmington Yard Sales. Volunteers are needed to assist with signs, etc.  Please contact Mary Dorsey.

The idea of a Belvedere Oktoberfest 2013 was discussed.  A committee will explore dates and venues.  Volunteers are needed for the committee.  John Bunting agreed to head the group.  Please contact John (270-0111)  for further information.

The need for a new Belvedere Plantation Directory was discussed.  No concrete plan was made other than for the members to think about it.  We will discuss again at the next meeting. Send thoughts/comments to Joyce (jejlo2004@yahoo.com). 

New Business:

1.  Turn-in from Hwy 17 onto Long Leaf is difficult to see.  The matter is being referred to the Roads Committee.

2.  A plaque from the Topsail Basketball Association showing the team BPOA had sponsored in 2012 was passed around.

3.  A reminder that if any resident plans to burn anything, the proper protocol is to obtain a burn permit.  They are available from Hilltop Grocery, Ace Hardware, as well as the fire department.

4.  Swans are nesting on the lake in Belvedere, please respect them by not invading their territory as the male will let it be known in no uncertain terms as to when they feel threatened.  UPDATE March 21:  One of the swans has died.  The biology department at UNCW has agreed to try to determine the cause of death.  Meanwhile:  Please DO NOT FEED the remaining swan.

5.  Discussion was held regarding how can BPOA member participation be obtained. 

Meeting adjourned 8:35

Submitted by Rebecca Spaven on March 13, 2013