MINUTES: BPOA Meeting March 9, 2016

1.  Pledge and Welcome (Joyce Owens)
Members introduced themselves and Board welcomed new members.

2.  Election Results and introduction of officers and committee chairpersons (Joyce Owens)
The proposed slate of officers was (re-) elected and the committee chairpersons have agreed to continue to serve.

3. Treasurer’s Report (Craig Baker)
Reported that we have 497 property owners some of whom are not members.  At this time we have a total of 249 members of which 144 are paying participants.

4.  Committee Reports
Welcome - (Joyce Owens for Cathy Hirsch)
Block Captains are still needed and anyone interested should call Cathy.  
Beautification – (George Mara)
Committee has received a suggestion that fencing and shrubs at corner of Hickory and Country Club be replaced.  [will do]
As always, Country Club cleanup is scheduled for Saturday after this meeting (March 12). Volunteers should meet at 10am in the parking lot of Belvedere Country Club.
Roads – (James Taylor)
DOT has completed the repairs to corner of South Belvedere and Belvedere Court. 
We received a request for repairs on Fairway by the cul de sac.  DOT responded and added dirt and seed.
Additional repairs needed on Long Leaf where erosion has taken place by the underground pipe. 
There are also potholes and a pipe blockage on Fairway.  The DOT and Kiwanis will be contacted regarding these issues.
Requests have been received from residents on Long Leaf and Hickory to initiate petitions for lower speed limits on those streets. [James Taylor will contact the requestors and advise them on the procedure.]

5. BPOA Contribution to Hampstead Library Annual fund – (Joyce Owens)
BPOA will contribute to the fund for community support.

6. Owners requests for ‘No Soliciting’ and ‘Pick Up After Dog’ signs – (Joyce Owens)
Residents have requested that these signs be installed .
DOT controls the rights of ways for state roads (most of Belvedere Plantation, Sections 1 and 2) BPOA has put up some signs but they remain only as long as DOT finds it convenient for them to be there.
Meeting attendees agreed that BPOA will install one pet waste station on a trial basis at Fairway Dr. & So. Belvedere.  Results of this experiment will determine if more are warranted.
Meeting attendees suggested that individuals install their own ‘No Soliciting’ signs.

7.  New Business - (Joyce Owens)
Kyle Breuer of Pender County’s Planning Department has agreed to attend our next meeting on June 14 and will be available to answer questions on the hydrology of Belvedere, current plans for roads and walkways, and water run-off and drainage.

BPOA storage unit is in need of cleanup.  Many unused, old items are there in eternal rest.  Craig Baker volunteered his truck to help George Mara and other volunteers to assist with this clean up.