BPOA General Membership Meeting
12 March 2012

1. George Mara called the meeting to order at 7:00pm.  There were 25 members present and we recited the     Pledge of Allegiance.

2. George Mara introduced the new BPOA President Joyce Owens who led the meeting.

3. Mary Dorsey reported that all new BPOA board members were unanimously approved by the membership and     that the lot swap for RV park proposal was unanimously not accepted by the membership.

4. Joyce Owens introduced the new BPOA Board Members to the membership:

     Executive Vice President  - Doreen Thornton
     Treasurer – Tim Underwood
     Secretary – Suzanne Talarek
     Welcome Committee – Mary Dorsey
     Sunshine Committee – Gerri Del Tondo
     Beautification Committee – George Mara & Bob Fischer
     Covenants Committee – Jack Jones
     Roads Committee – Jim Taylor

5. The membership welcomed 3 new members.

6. Future meetings will start at 7:30pm and will be posted on the website.

7. Joyce Owens read the minutes which were approved by the membership.  In future meetings the minutes will     not be read aloud.  They will be posted on the website and copies provided at the meeting for approval.

8. Treasurer Report

     $7668 total dues received
     $575 spent to date
     Report distributed and accepted.

9. Committees

     Welcome – Mary will deliver welcome packets to our new members.  In addition the Kiwanis Club has      provided information to be included in the packets.
     Sunshine – Gerri provided 5 fruit baskets to members who are sick or in the hospital.  Please let Gerri know      of any illnesses or deaths.
     Covenants – Joyce reported for Jack.  Jack has been in contact with the neighbors with the outstanding      violations.  All parties feel optimistic that the violations will be taken care of.
     Beautification – A fence at Long Leaf and Country Club was repaired and many fences washed.  New signs      for the general membership meetings were made and 8 new bluebird houses were made.

     Roads – Jim has a meeting scheduled with Ray Knowles Supervisor DOT.

10. Sewer - A detailed discussion was had by the membership.

     Interesting Items

     Service area extends north to Sloop Point, south to beyond Weathersbee, east to ICW, and west to Hwy 17.
     Total capacity 300,000 gallons/day      

     Special Use Permit in place since beginning for 100,000g/day; Extension just granted for 200,000g/day
     Conditions asked for by BPOA were included in the extension

     Unknown to BPOA was difference between sludge and effluent trucks.  Permit limits sludge trucks but not      effluent trucks which is the main issue.

     Next steps

     Contact Dept of Water Quality to ensure runoff is within guidelines and how they can help with effluent      concerns (i.e. potential to modify permit extension limiting effluent trucks)
     Jeff Howell volunteered to help.

11. Community Yard Sale April 28th - Advertising in local newspapers and Craigslist

12. Website - Please send any suggestions and comments to Joyce.

13. New Business
     Suzanne Talarek asked the membership to sponsor a Topsail Basketball Association team for next season;      motion was approved to start with 1 team next year

14. Meeting adjourned at 8:05pm.