21 May 2014

TO: Belvedere Property Owners

RE: Utilities, Inc. proposal to take treated effluent from Belvedere Treatment Plant to Infiltration Basin

BPOA Board members met with representatives of Utilities, Inc., the company that provides community water and sewer service to Belvedere Plantation.  The purpose of the meeting was for Utilities, Inc. to share their plans for handling the treated effluent from the Belvedere plant.

The proposal is to pipe the water to a 22-acre site on Sloop Point Loop Road where the water will go through infiltration basins into the ground.  Ths process will accommodate the entire  amount of water that is permitted for the Belvedere Plant.  It will eliminate any need for the trucking of treated water through our neighborhood.

The preliminary plans are available here for your review.

The BPOA has endorsed this proposal.  Further details will be available at our BPOA General Meeting on Tuesday, June 10.

Joyce Owens
BPOA President

                        Proposed Belvedere Force Main Route

                        Proposed Belvedere Infiltration Site