1. Treasurer’s Report
       a. Tim Underwood distributed current report and explained that dues were collected from 155 members in Sections I and II.  Back dues had also been collected from homeowners once their property sold.
2.  Updates from Committees
      a.  Beautification:  George Mara reported.
               i. Tree down on the 7th hole, and a broken sign at the entrance to Long Leaf.  He would be looking into both issues.
              ii. Cleanup Day will be this Saturday, September 14 at 10AM.  Volunteers should meet at the golf course entrance.  The cleanup will be from Weathersbee to Mallard Bay.
      b. Roads:  Joyce Owens reported for James Taylor.
               i. He is aware of potholes at Longleaf  and North Belvedere. 
              ii. Looking into reflector replacements for South Belvedere.  Other options still being investigated. 
             iii. Vegetation at the corner of South Belvedere and Country Club in need of attention.
      c.  Covenants: Jack Jones reported on Sections I & II
               i. 8 homes being built in the neighborhood
              ii. Attorney Patty Homa sent one letter to a home with continuous violations on South Belvedere and the homeowners have agreed to comply. One other violator to be discussed at future board meeting.
             iii.        Confirmation that Sections 5 & 6 are not covered under our covenants.
3. Carolina Water: Joyce Owens
      a. Reminder Carolina Water requesting a >20% increase.  There will be a hearing in Jacksonville at the Onslow County Courthouse on Wednesday, September 18 at 7PM. It will be important to voice the opinion of our neighborhood and to oppose this increase.  If you can attend you may contact James Taylor (270-9602) regarding car pooling.
4. Oktoberfest: Jack Jones
      a. Anticipating at least 100 people to attend. 2nd invitation will be distributed after a September 19 meeting to be held at Jack’s home  - 109 Soundview Drive.
5. New Attorney
      a.  Joyce Owens introduced Patty Homa as the new Attorney for BPOA.  Patty is a long time resident of Belvedere and is very active in the community.
6. Suggestions for BPOA support of community activities: Joyce Owens
      a. Last year BPOA sponsored a 5th grade basketball team. Now we would like suggestions for future sponsorships.  Please send your ideas to Joyce at jejlo2004@yahoo.com .
7. New Business:
      a. Joyce Owens asked for any updates on the Bypass.  George Mara reported that land purchasing would not take place until 2017, and 2020 or 2021 for targeted start of project.  Route 17 will not be a cul-de-sac as once reported.  The median had been approved by the Commissioners.  Now waiting for money from DOT.  Since this approval 2 sets of traffic lights have been installed on route 17.  No answers on how this will effect median installation.
      b. Welcome new homeowners:  Sherry and Jim Johnson purchased 117 Soundview and only closed on this property today.
      c. Jack Jones asked for any updates on Carolina Water’s wastewater treatment plant:  Joyce reported this is still going forward. Currently waiting for inspection and report from Corps of Engineers regarding location of any wetlands. Carolina Water “informally” stated completion to be June or July 2014.
8. Meeting Adjourned