MINUTES: BPOA Meeting September 13, 2016

Attending Board Members:  Joyce Owens, Cathy Hirsch, George Mara, Doreen Thornton

    1. Pledge and Welcome (Joyce Owens)
             Members introduced themselves and board welcomed new members.

    2. Committee Reports
             Beautification – (George Mara)
                 Country Club Road clean-up on September 18.  Volunteers requested.
             Welcome - (Cathy Hirsch)
                 Many new residents were welcomed to the neighborhood. 
                 Flowers were sent to Sally Graham with our wishes for her recovery.
            Block Captains are still needed and anyone interested should call Cathy.  
            Roads – (Joyce Owens for James Taylor)
                 DOT making efforts to lessen the flooding on Fairway Drive.
                 Residents encouraged to contact DOT to continue to get repairs done to our roads.
                 A resident has indicated concern for safety issues on Fairway Drive such as evacuation during big
                 storms.  Bob Hurry reported that during his 17 years here, he has never seen Fairway Drive flooded
                 enough that a car could not pass.

     3. Treasurer’s Report - (Joyce Owens for Craig Baker)
             Association solvent.  Beautification is our major expense which includes mowing, and lights at
             Additional Paw Pal Kits were installed at both ends of Long Leaf Drive.

     4. Meet and Greet  – (Joyce Owens)
            This has been re-scheduled for December 15, 2016 and will be held at the Harbour Village Yacht Club
            on Kings Landing Road.  Invitation will be out with the annual communication to property owners which
            will be moved forward to November.

     5. New Business
             Because of the increased traffic on Rt 17, Bill Ferguson suggested we move these meetings  to the
             Belvedere Country Club Golf Course. 

Joyce Owens reported the consolidation of  Carolina Water Company with other companies.  We should expect details in the mail with our next bill.