Board Attendees: Joyce Owens, James Taylor, Doreen Thornton, Cathy Hirsch, Bob Hammond
Guest Speakers: Danny Lassiter, Regional Manager, Utilities Inc.
Bryce Mendenhall, VP Operations, Utilities Inc.
Deb Clark, Communications Specialist, Utilities Inc.

Welcome & Pledge of Allegiance

Thanks for Service to the BPOA retirees Rebecca Spaven, Craig Baker, Jack Jones, and George Mara. We appreciate all you did for the neighborhood.

Introduction of New Board Members

Bob Hammond, Treasurer
Gail Schmidt, Secretary
Frank Carroll, Covenants

Committee Reports

Beautification - George Mara is moving on and will not have the quarterly cleanup and trash pickup Saturday, September 13. Duties have not yet been transferred and we are looking for a replacement for the Beautification Committee

Roads (James Taylor) – Requests regarding attention to potholes have been forwarded to the DOT. One on Dolphin Circle and Fairway, as well as one on S. Belvedere.

Welcome Committee (Cathy Hirsch) – Cathy welcomed several new residents to our neighborhood. Please contact Cathy if you can help by being a block captain.

Treasurer’s Report (Bob Hammond)

Report of the solvency of BPOA accounts, and the challenge of getting annual dues from residents. Bob and Joyce paid visit to the bank to open safety deposit box in BPOA’s name. No treasure, in fact box was empty. Box has been released.

Filming in Belvedere (Cathy Hirsch)

TNT has been filming the next season of the series Good Behavior on Soundview Drive.

News of December BPOA meeting (Doreen Thornton

We have determined the date of this meeting/get together will be December 5. The venue cannot be confirmed at this time. As soon as confirmation received we will advise.

Water – Chlorine Smell, Water Advisories, Broken Lines, Rate Setting hearing 8/23 in Wilmington

Since the smell of chlorine was reported, representatives from Carolina Water were invited to attend this meeting to give us an update.

Danny Lassiter - Regional Manager, Utilities Inc.

Visited one resident to test and get results on findings. The allowed presence of chlorine is from 0.02 – 4.0. Tests did show level within the guideline amounts. Goal is to maintain between 1.0 -2.0, or lower.

Many reports and complaints regarding water outages, dirty water, and line breaks. Mr. Lassiter reported on an early morning water line break on September 12 causing loss of pressure and cloudy water. An advisory was out by 8am and the pipe was replaced by 9am the same day. Still caution was required until the advisory was cancelled.

A resident of Belvedere (outside of section 1 or 2) attended meeting with sample laundry items showing stains caused while laundering items. Mr. Lassiter agreed to give a product to remove these stains. This would be done tomorrow.

Reported that our water free of GenX. This was reported on their Facebook page:

“GenX Test Results - no detectable levels of GenX in our samples. Carolina Water Service Inc. of North Carolina’s (CWSNC) systems and customers within the Cape Fear area are served exclusively by well water. For its part, CWSNC proactively sampled several of our wells in this area including the Belvedere and Treasure Cove and Mason Landing systems. The samples were sent to a certified laboratory capable of analyzing for the GenX compound. CWSNC is pleased to report that the resulting analysis show no detectable levels of GenX in our samples.”

Bryce Mendenhall , VP of Operations

Over 20 resident in attendance at the rate increase hearing in Wilmington on August 23. Their testimony, reports and petition will be included as evidence in future hearings in Raleigh.

Reported on recent breaks (2). One on August 23 and one on September 12. The company is trying to isolate where breaks occurring. Pump at well #2 taken out of service for repairs and upgrades and is still out of service. Other improvements are being made. A camera in the well discovered sediment / sand and flushing was needed. An automatic flusher was installed on Hickory lane to improve quality at that location.

A systematic review of all lines will be made within the next 30 days. Also looking at a system to treat the hardness of the water where readings should be <100. Current readings >260. Treatment of the hardness will require engineer design down the road.

A new resident, Mr. Steve Soltis, was concerned about the negative effect on the neighborhood and the home prices. Mr. Mendenhall assured group of positive things happening in Hampstead.

It was suggested Hampstead be served by Pender County water. Mr. Mendenhall said this was an option but a long process and have plans to start the application process but may need the help of the BPOA board and residents down the road. If this were to happen, the 2 facilities would have to be expanded without purchase of additional land to accommodate.

Deb Clark, Communication Specialist, Utilities Inc.

Has created a page through Carolina Water web for the Belvedere area.

Also a Facebook page is up and running where you may communicate.


Mrs. Moore (Section II) reported the tall lights have been fixed and she volunteered to monitor and report any future problems

A vehicle crashed into the fence and pet station on corner of Long Leaf and Country Club, leaving a lot of debris. Joyce reported having received a phone call from the responsible person who explained crash was result of deer colliding with the car. Young man will be in touch to settle repairs. Diane Hughes advised us that Dave Hughes would be making these repairs soon.

Close Meeting
Submitted by: Doreen Thornton